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Farmhand Supply is a family owned business that opened in early 2011. Our mission statement is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at local locations with the most affordable prices.

We understand times can be tough; sometimes you need to be able to get what you need with no hassles.  That's where Farmhand Supply comes in.  We keep it simple and put the customer first. At Farmhand Supply you can afford the best because we care enough to ensure you leave with exactly what you want.  We will be at your side and help you with every aspect of your purchase, both before and after.

Whether you need a reliable tire for every season or an appliance to last you for the next ten years, we are here to provide it.  Our motto is we are in this together; allow us to give you a helping hand every step of the way.  For your farm, or for your home, we are at your service. 

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